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A Voz do Desejo
How to Compliment a Woman
Publicado:9 Janeiro 2022 12:59 am
Última Atualização:30 Janeiro 2022 8:22 pm
78426 Visitas

Try to compliment women on more specific things that might go unnoticed by others. A woman with beautiful green eyes has probably been told that she has lovely eyes by many people before you came along. Do your best to be more original and your efforts will be noticed. You won't sound like the same broken record being played over again.

Make sure your compliment is appropriate for the setting and the relationship that you have with the woman. There seem to be stories in the news on a regular basis that talk about women who were sexually harassed by their coworkers, and if you would like to avoid winding up in one of these newscasts then you should definitely restrict what types of compliments you pay to women with whom you work. Your relationship with that woman is another factor that should help determine the extent to which you will compliment her. You don't want to excessively dote on your best friend's girlfriend or the wife of a family member. A misplaced compliment here or there could lead to serious estrangement from people that you care about. You should exercise discretion when in these situations.

Add flair to your compliments. Some compliments are boring, and you should do your best to embellish yours so that they smack of intelligence and creativity. Language is fun, and you should utilize some freedom of creative expression when bestowing praise on a lady. Try to approach paying a woman a compliment as if you were a 16th century English bard who moonlighted on the stage in Shakespearean plays. She will enjoy your wit and charm, and it will be obvious that you're not just a typical flatterer but a gentleman who is interested in the finer aspects of existence
22 comentários
Are You Pushing Your women into the Arms of Another man?
Publicado:17 Novembro 2021 2:24 am
Última Atualização:14 Novembro 2022 9:17 pm
99031 Visitas

men are often left wondering what went wrong when their relationships fall apart. They don't understand what happened because they don't recognize their role in the dissolution of the relationship. Even if they don't realize it, men often behave in ways that push women away. Suddenly, after months or years of the same destructive behavior, they are amazed that their relationships didn't work.

men with low self-esteem and insecurity issues often try too hard to keep a women. By trying too hard, they inadvertently push away the women they are trying so desperately to keep. men who are insecure are usually clingy and controlling. A clingy man may follow his women around never giving her a moment of solitude. he has to accompany her everywhere she goes. he may hold on to her arm with a death grip that is certain to push her out the door eventually. Clingy men may also cry right on cue every time his women tries to have any alone time. he may suddenly become ill or make another excuse to keep her home . A clingy man makes a women feel smothered and may push her right into the arms of another man.

The controlling man treats his women like a child and makes her feel as though she has two fathers. he tells her how to dress, drive and behave. he may even choose her clothes and her friends for him. The controlling man tries to keep his women by controlling every aspect of her life. However, his controlling nature will make it difficult for him to keep any women for very long..
88 comentários
give advice
Publicado:21 Outubro 2021 8:15 pm
Última Atualização:1 Setembro 2022 12:44 am
134301 Visitas

If you have time give your time for alone people . If you can give good advice give the people . Then check the results ? What is your opinion my mate of Trair.Net.
255 comentários
For men, are you interested in?
Publicado:22 Setembro 2023 2:05 am
Última Atualização:28 Fevereiro 2024 1:46 pm
29851 Visitas

interesting thing :what age of woman men are looking
Older women
Much younger women
Your age group women(+-5 years)
0 comentários
Would you rather vacation alone, with your friends?
Publicado:13 Setembro 2023 8:15 am
Última Atualização:28 Fevereiro 2024 1:46 pm
30175 Visitas

Which is the best time for vacations?
Alone - I don't want to be responsible for anyone else.
Friends - You don't have to worry about tailoring your behaviour to suit them; they accept you as
e/significant other only
0 comentários
What hobby of yours is assisting you the most in this time of social distancing?
Publicado:31 Agosto 2022 3:30 am
Última Atualização:8 Setembro 2022 3:05 pm
63527 Visitas

It's still too early in the year for the things and people I make time for the most, especially offlline lol..Other than that, I don't have any hobbies. Activities, other than what has to be done, vary since I keep socially distanced the majority of the time any way..
Being on the internet
Watching tv or movies
0 comentários , 7 votos
Why do people think dating and relationship is base on sex ?
Publicado:22 Março 2022 11:39 pm
Última Atualização:13 Abril 2022 4:52 am
79077 Visitas

Can you honestly think of one relationship that you know what wasn't? If you can, then I would question its reality.

Whether one believes the bible or not, even in that book sex has always dominated the allegories between God and his followers.

Sex was designed as a natural part of a relationship, it was created to be the very special 'glue' that helped bond people to be like a well glued joint in furniture.

The issue is that many people do not realise or recognise the joining of the soul that occurs during sex and after sex. It is more than just a physical act.

Sure it is not the whole of a relationship, but it is certainly an importance part of any relationship (that is marriage like).

Without it, one can have just good friendships and these are possible with all sorts of people that do not constitute a marriage type relationship.

Even governments worldwide recognise that sex is an important determinant that defines a marriage, even when dealing with divorce.

Some marriages have been annulled legally without having to divorce because there was no sex between the 'partners'. One can live with another as a house mate, but this does not constitute a marriage. It is the sex that makes it what is generally recognised as a committed relationship of exclusivity (marriage or de facto relationship).
13 comentários
Why men love BAD girls?
Publicado:7 Março 2022 7:22 am
Última Atualização:17 Março 2022 3:04 am
76626 Visitas

Why men love BAD
I don't know. When they are good, they are very good and when they are bad they are still good. So I have never met a bad .
4 comentários
What Is Your Biggest Weakness?
Publicado:21 Janeiro 2022 12:01 am
Última Atualização:21 Janeiro 2022 7:18 am
79209 Visitas

We all have our weak spots, be that sex, sweets, cigarettes, alcohol, narcotics or whatever. If you could single out one such vice to be cured of instantly, what will it be?...
Other (please specify)
2 comentários , 10 votos
Topics for Date Chat
Publicado:20 Janeiro 2022 2:02 am
Última Atualização:20 Janeiro 2022 11:55 pm
77494 Visitas

Good/Topics for Date Chat
Which topics are you most likely to talk about? Maybe more than one or others not mentioned?
Food and travel
Social Media
Funny anecdotes about your pets
Previous relationships
2 comentários , 11 votos
Do women prefer to date older or younger men?
Publicado:18 Janeiro 2022 7:45 am
Última Atualização:21 Fevereiro 2022 1:52 am
79259 Visitas

Do women prefer to date older or younger men?
Did try younger...but prefer older
Did try older...but prefer younger
Prefer much older
Prefer much younger
Depends upon them
13 comentários , 27 votos
How old is too old for woman
Publicado:23 Dezembro 2021 1:43 am
Última Atualização:27 Janeiro 2022 8:12 am
83822 Visitas

45 age bracket seem to be scared of dating their own age - instead they look for women. To boost their ego? Or does she come across as over intelligent? But she DOes intelligent conversation, an independant man, a good man who is well mannered! Is that too much to ask for at her age?

Or maybe she should become a cougar? She will seriously consider the option unless you, the nice 55 year old will contact her? She is a really good company. She is very pleasant to look at, she laughs a lot but thats because she have a good sense of humour - so be brave guys to answer .......
Above 35
Above 45
Above 55
Depends upon
51 comentários , 30 votos
handsome men or average men
Publicado:22 Dezembro 2021 1:37 am
Última Atualização:23 Dezembro 2021 1:31 am
80214 Visitas

Do handsome men..have more or less sex…than average looking men?

The other thing to consider is...Do you think men have high or low sex make's no difference how good a man looks... the sex drive will never be the same.
More…cause they have endless choices of women to experiment with
Less…cause they are too entitled
Handsome men
Average looking men
Depends on
8 comentários , 5 votos

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