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All I want is everything.
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Did you try blowing on it?
Publicado:9 Abril 2022 4:12 am
Última Atualização:12 Abril 2022 1:06 am
7298 Visitas

Single. That is me now. I am... happy, relieved and crushed all at the same time. I could have handled it in a more delicate manner; I did not intend for it to be so abrupt and sudden. What is done is done though. That is a hard pill to swallow - we are done. And now, all of a sudden this anonymous lifestyle is unappealing. i am so confused how it just turned off like that. I do not want to meet some stranger, I do not want to be with anyone.
How fucked up am I? I do not want him back, I do not want anyone I have spoken with near the end of the relationship - but I do not want to be alone.
Something else that is bothering me - I do not feel bad. Earlier I said I was crushed - what I mean is: I am crushed because now I am forced to deal with the changes inevitably coming my way. Crushed by the idea that I have to start over now...share my secrets with a new person and hope that they accept and understand (jackpot for relating) to my thoughts, ideas and accomplishments. But I am not crushed by the loss of this relationship and what we had built together. Maybe I am still in shock or not fully accepted this is over.. He definitely has not accepted that.
I m not sure what it will take to snap out of this melancholy hell I have put myself into but I hope it is over soon.
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Just The Tip?
Publicado:29 Março 2022 6:38 am
Última Atualização:4 Maio 2022 8:11 pm
9923 Visitas
Say you met someone on here or not - that was in a relationship and they cheated on their significant other without remorse. At least it seemed that way.. irrelevant but how do you feel about that person now? Do you think that a good or strong relationship is attainable? That is quite a character flaw.. to know someone can be so cold and cheat- then have the audacity to promise you it will be different…
But then what If they are in a relationship that feels more like an emotional prison everyday? That they are so wrapped up- legally (house, cars, pets) and just kind of started inching to the door recently.. does that change your mind and help you move past the awful circumstance and start to build this great new relationship?

I don’t want to just bounce around to whoever, I want to FIND my forever. But that seems impossible, everyone is so different.. maybe there should be a 3 year rule on relationships. Every 3 years you have to sit down and do a formal review- gauge each others actual happiness and then collectively decide if you want to renew for 1-3 years.
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All I Want Is Everything.
Publicado:14 Março 2022 2:15 am
Última Atualização:18 Março 2022 11:31 pm
8070 Visitas

That's all, just everything. I want passionate, mind blowing sex. I want to feel a connection to someone again. I want the expensive hotel room that we won't leave for hours. The room service bringing us food we need to get our energy back. I want to end it in the shower together and when it's time to leave - I want you to pull me back for one more round.
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