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A Voz do Desejo

Welcome To My Place  

Butterfly2021 41M
9 publicações
20/4/2022 12:31 pm
Welcome To My Place

Essa publicação é visível somente por usuários Trair.Net
Junte-se ao Trair.Net agora!

Butterfly2021 41M
18 publicações
20/4/2022 4:48 pm

A man left a comment here that was accidently deleted.

This is My response to him:
This is a fantasy. I am playing. "My place" means "my blog".
My profile states clearly I am here for blogging only. Not meeting in person.

itsallfantasy 56M  
1150 publicações
20/4/2022 9:03 pm

Welcome, and looking at your post to the person who accidentally had his answer deleted.. be prepared for LOTS of men to ignore your profile. Most men that log in here think this is some free online whorehouse and we are all whores here that have nothing better to do than service them and their wants/needs. They are assholes and I can't imagine how they act in real life. I have never figured out why they think their preferences are all that matter and we are just pieces of shit to be used. So..... just be ready hun.

Butterfly2021 replies on 20/4/2022 9:44 pm:
Thank you for stopping by. This is my first blog here. so, we'll see what I am going to run into. Hope this is a happy place for everybody. I like your user-name 'all fantasy".

forgotforgetting 56H
8134 publicações
21/4/2022 9:27 am

Welcome to the blogs. I hope you have a good time.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

midhard1 66H
325 publicações
21/4/2022 10:07 am

Welcome. Have fun and enjoy.

Comments on my blog "midhard1" or on my erotic stories welcomed.

Butterfly2021 41M
18 publicações
21/4/2022 10:15 am

Come on in. Let's have some heart-to-heart talk

slobberpuss1 74H
167 publicações
21/4/2022 2:38 pm

Welcome Hope to read more blogs that you post

powercaps716 66H  
83117 publicações
21/4/2022 5:28 pm

just passing by and decided to stop and welcome you to bloggland. it can be lots of fun and then it can be a pain in the azz, but at the end of the day it can be just plain enjoyment, so welcome

SexySexySophie 40M
1989 publicações
1/5/2022 6:07 am

That pic is really cute. I wish lived there.

Butterfly2021 replies on 1/5/2022 1:37 pm:
Thank you Sophie

Hillzman77fun 46H

13/5/2022 12:48 pm

I love the location! Wish i lived there next door to SexySexySophie!

Butterfly2021 replies on 13/5/2022 6:33 pm:
I'll be watching

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